Three Easy Steps

  • Study

    Step 1: Study

    Study on your own or take training classes with any of the official providers so that you get prepared for the final exam of the 4 modules of the GCL Certificate.

  • Exam

    Step 2: Exam

    One by one, sit for each of the 4 exams. Official exams can only be taken with any of the accredited Test Centers (TCs). When you are ready, contact your TC.

  • Graduation

    Step 3: Graduation

    Congratulations! You have now passed all the required exams, and you are awarded the GCL Certified designation. The certificate is available online.

Success is a Matter of Choice

GCL Certificate helps you in landing your dream job and achieving your career goals by standing out among the crowd and getting employers to recognize you.

road to sun shineThe GCL Certificate is aimed at preparing candidates for the job market by qualifying and certifying them in 4 main modules that are basic to today's work environment in anywhere:


1- ICT- Information and Communication Technologies
2- Business Ethics and Behavior
3- International Law and Regional Practice
4- Economics and Finance

Don't hesitate. Start now pursuing your journey to GCL Certification, add it to your CV, and be distinguished! Employers are looking for it.